Lost Greyhound

We all hope and pray that it will never happen to us … but in the event that your greyhound does get loose, we have put this information here to help you get him or her back as quickly as possible.

We have also prepared several documents that you can download and print to aid you in your search

The following information will be good to post when spreading the word

  • Location: City or Town, Street With Nearby Cross Streets.
  • Time: When was your hound last seen?
  • Description: Male/Female and Color, was he wearing any identification?
  • Is he friendly and outgoing, or shy and spooky?
  • Contact Information: Who is leading the search? Name, Phone number or email address.
  • Flyers: Where can we pick them up?

Spread the Word with Social Media – the more coverage the better!

Resource Documents:

Finding a Lost Greyhound

Lost Greyhound Flyer

Lost Dog Kit