Greyhound Facts

They are the only breed mentioned by name in the Bible

They can reach top speed of 40mph in 3 strides

They are retired by 2-5 years old

The life span of a greyhound is typically 12-14 years. (Lots of life left to enjoy with a loving family!)

They are clean and work very well with people who have allergies to most dogs

They are genetically healthy dogs

They come in a variety of colors

Females range from about 50-70 pounds and males range from 60-95 pounds

They rarely bark and are easy to care for

Sometimes called “little big dogs” they will take up as much or as little space as is available.  They can curl in a small space or spread out and take the whole couch

Greyhounds are sight hounds – they can see movement up to a half mile away.  Because of this, they must always be on a leash or in a completely fenced in area.  Invisible fences will not stop a greyhound once they take off.  Adopters who live in condos, townhomes, and apartments can adopt thru REGAP as long as they understand that they must always walk their hound on a leash.

Greyhounds are crate trained and house breaking is usually an easy process

They have never climbed stairs and must be trained to do so.  Most hounds learn quickly how to go up and down stairs to get to their favorite spots